Comfort is priceless. Our heaters are not. With ETHERMA, you are opting for efficient, cost-effective solutions.

Warm your HOME. Not the earth.

No more oil and gas? It’s quite simple. 

In times like these, many people opt for a new heating system so that they are no longer dependent on oil or gas, for example. But every refurbishment brings with it the challenge of getting the best out of the existing building fabric and any structural specifications. ETHERMA is the perfect partner for this. With our easy-to-install and maintenance-free electric heating systems, small and large renovations are almost as easy as child’s play, even in apartment buildings. Electric heating systems are also explicitly mentioned as a compliance option in the German Building Energy Act (GEG). 


The FUTURE OF HEATING is all electric.

Economical: targeted heating, loss-free heat emission

Individual designs according to customer requirements

Power connection instead of complex piping 

Heating systems completely maintenance-free 

Easy installation

Neither technical room nor fuel supply necessary 

Made in Austria

Quickly perceptible, cozy warmth at the touch of a button

REDEFINE comfort.

Efficient. Electric. Heating. 

The name ETHERMA stands for unlimited design possibilities in renovation. From our extremely thin electric underfloor heating systems and LAVA® infrared panels in various sizes and designs to FIRE+ICE, the innovative air-to-air heat pump with cooling option: we offer a wide range of options for fast, comfortable heat in all rooms. And cleverly combined with electricity from solar, hydro or wind power, ETHERMA’s electric heating systems help to reduce CO2 emissions. 

Warm up to many advantages. 

ETHERMA, based in Henndorf am Wallersee (Salzburg), is one of the first providers of electric underfloor and infrared heating panels. The many advantages of our heating systems are obvious. 

Pleasant WARMTH.
Just as you like.

Nobody has to live without underfloor heating.

Anyone who has not previously had underfloor heating can fulfill this dream easily and cost-effectively as part of a renovation project. With a maximum mat thickness of 4 mm, ETHERMA’s electric underfloor heating systems can also be retrofitted very easily under any floor covering.

This does not require any time-consuming demolition work and our underfloor heating systems are also possible where there is no pipework in the screed. Precise individual room control also saves on running operating costs.


Advantages of ETHERMA underfloor heating systems:

  • Up to 50 % lower investment costs than with water-based underfloor heating systems

  • Quick and easy installation thanks to low installation height (max. 4 mm)

  • For any floor covering: tiles, laminate, parquet, stone and much more.

  • Customized on request

  • Operating cost savings through targeted individual room control

  • Over 25 years of service life, without any maintenance


More than just hot air – cozy warmth with infrared.

Real infrared heating panels do not heat the air (convection), but people and objects in the room. These absorb the heat and emit it evenly. This creates a pleasant feeling of comfort. Without circulating air currents and without stirring up dust – ideal for allergy sufferers.

Installation is inexpensive, quick and dirt-free. All you need is a power connection. Infrared heating panels from ETHERMA are also extremely durable, absolutely maintenance-free and without heat loss.

Advantages of ETHERMA infrared heating panels:
  • Up to 50 % lower investment costs than with conventional heating systems

  • Easy mounting on the wall or ceiling

  • Heat immediately noticeable (< 10 min)

  • Pleasant room climate thanks to infrared heat

  • Safe against breakage and overheating

  • Long-lasting and maintenance-free


Minimalist design. Maximum efficiency.

The FIRE+ICE is an innovative monobloc air source heat pump that does not require an outdoor unit. It is perfect for rooms up to 35 m2, such as living rooms or bedrooms. The FIRE+ICE can be installed quickly and easily on the inside of external walls without the need for a refrigeration engineer.

Vorteile der FIRE+ICE:
  • Monobloc air source heat pump without outdoor unit (COP at 7 °C: 3.28)

  • For rooms up to 35 m2

  • Heating and air conditioning in one

  • Ideal decentralized heating solution for apartments and apartment buildings

  • Optimal replacement for night storage heaters

  • Simple installation without a cooling technician

RENOVATING with ETHERMA can be this easy.

Turn your bathroom into a feel-good oasis.

With underfloor heating or an infrared panel.


Renovation example underfloor heating in bathroom, 7 m2

One-off investment costs for underfloor heating

Costs DE
Inkl. 19% MwSt.
Costs AT
Inkl. 20% MwSt.
Underfloor heating under tiles 441 € 445 €
Thermostat 173 € 174 €
Total investment costs 614 € 619 €

Annual consumption and operating costs underfloor heating

0,56 kW
Installed power

504 kWh
Energy consumption per year*

187 €
Average operating costs per year incl. 19 % VAT (DE)**

141 €
Average operating costs per year incl. 20 % VAT (AT)**


Renovation example infrared ceiling panel in bathroom , 7 m2

  • Underfloor heating mats

  • Start of heating mats

  • Folding direction

  • Thermostat

  • LAVA® infrared heating panel

  • Radiant heat range ceiling panel

One-off investment costs infrared ceiling panel

Costs DE
Inkl. 19% MwSt.
Costs AT
Inkl. 20% MwSt.
Infrared heating ceiling 787 € 793 €
Thermostat 173 € 174 €
Total investment costs 960 € 967 €

Annual consumption and operating costs infrared ceiling panel

0,75 kW
Installed power

563 kWh
Energy consumption per year*

208 €
Average operating costs per year incl. 19 % VAT (DE)**

158 €
Average operating costs per year incl. 20 % VAT (AT)**.

Turning old into new. Efficient heating in the home. 

Annual consumption and operating costs

5,55 kW
Installed power

4.028 kWh
Energy consumption per year*

Average operating costs per year incl. 19 % VAT (DE)**

1.128 €
Average operating costs per year incl. 20 % VAT (AT)**

One-off investment costs apartment

Costs DE
Inkl. 19% MwSt.
Costs AT
Inkl. 20% MwSt.
Hallway (3 m2)
Underfloor heating under tiles 343 € 346 €
Kitchen (5 m2)
Underfloor heating under tiles 343 € 346 €
Thermostat 173 € 174 €
Bathroom (7 m2)
Underfloor heating under tiles 441 € 445 €
Thermostat 173 € 174 €
Infrared radiator with towel rail 709 € 715 €
Living room (25 m2)
Underfloor heating under laminate or parquet flooring 2.061 € 2.078 €
Thermostat 173 € 174 €
Bedroom (15 m2)
Underfloor heating under laminate or parquet flooring 1.355 € 1.366 €
Thermostat 173 € 174 €
Total investment costs 5.944 € 5.992 €

*Calculated from the multiple of installed power and full load hours.

** Calculated from the multiple of energy consumption and energy price per kWh.

The following parameters were used as a basis:
Compliance with standard temperatures:
Living rooms: 20 °C
Bedrooms: 18 °C
Bathrooms: 24 °C
Corridors: 15 °C
Heated side rooms: 15 °C

Electricity prices as at 13.03.2024, incl. VAT.
Germany: 37 ct/kWh (average price, Verivox consumer price index) | Austria: 28 ct/kWh (E-Control)

Information without guarantee, the calculation refers exclusively to the electricity prices listed for Germany and Austria. The above figures refer to the average values published by the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics with regard to temperature and precipitation for the 5-year series.
By their very nature, therefore, they should not be regarded as absolute consumption values, as they can change upwards or downwards depending on the weather. All prices incl. VAT (Germany/Austria).

What enthusiastic CUSTOMERS say about ETHERMA.

Family Schinnerl, Austria

This house was raised by one storey. As screed was not possible due to the structural design, ETHERMA mesh heating mats were the best option. Mats with a low voltage of 24 V were used in the bathroom. They even provide cozy warmth in the barrier-free shower and on the step of the bathtub entrance.


„ETHERMA has exceeded our expectations. The new heating system delivers what it promises. Especially in terms of low operating costs. A convenient system without maintenance costs or annual servicing.“

Mag. Marietta Kiesling, Vienna

During the renovation of the “Salon Mignon”, an old apartment in the 18th district, the radiators and gas boiler were replaced by efficient electric underfloor heating from ETHERMA. The choice fell on a mesh heating mat for the parquet floor, but also for the bathroom and WC. It is only 2.7 mm high and can be trowelled into the flexible adhesive. Around 50 m² of heating mats were laid over the entire surface.


„The heating system is particularly responsive thanks to the close-to-surface installation. A highly convenient and cost-effective solution for all rooms, especially in older buildings.“

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